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My blog is my escape, where my passion for people & writing come together to create something special. Be inspired. Be encouraged. Be blessed. Much love & keep smiling. x


A collection of some shorter thoughts of mine that I hope will encourage and inspire you!
Keep smiling. x

I have always had a fascination with horizons;
The way the sky never fails to kiss the ocean,
And the mystery of what lies beyond.
There is something about the unknown
That can be rather intimidating,
Yet beautiful all at once.

They say the grass is always greener where you water it.
People are the same, I guess.
Fill yourself with negative things and you will wither.
Surround yourself with good people and their positivity will be a catalyst for your growth.

Do whatever it takes to find your passion.
Step outside the realms of your comfort zone.
Be daring. Be bold.
Think big, dream big, then do bigger!
What's stopping you from doing what you love?
What's holding you back from finding your passion?
Once you find that thing that makes you happy, hold onto it and don't ever let it go.

The people we encounter and connect with are one of two things: a message in a bottle or an anchor.
They either come into your life merely to teach you a lesson,
Then just as quickly they drift and move on to be picked up by someone else;
Or the support, love and encourage you, holding you down when your seas get rough.

When life is throwing some massive curveballs, stop and ask yourself,
Will this matter this time next [week/month/year]?
Don't let insignificant things use up your energy unnecessarily,
And as a result, hinder your happiness.