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My blog is my escape, where my passion for people & writing come together to create something special. Be inspired. Be encouraged. Be blessed. Much love & keep smiling. x

about me.

Hey, I'm Jess!

I am twenty and have lived in Australia all of my life (and no, although I occasionally wake up to a few kangaroos in my backyard, I don't ride them to work...only Uni). Clearly, I try really hard to be funny, so bear with me, you'll be cringing a lot while you're here. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Communication with a double major in Digital & Social Media and Public Communication (Advertising). I have a passion for writing and a passion for people. My goal with this blog is to combine the two by sharing my writing and reach out to people who can relate to experiences that I have had. 

Here are some other quick, random facts about me!

fact one | I love God.
fact two | If I could eat one vegetable and one fruit for the rest of my life it would be broccoli and rockmelon - hands down winners!
fact three | I have a pet turtle. His name is Frosty. Don't ask.

fact four | I love Winter. Just slap on a different jumper and you can wear the same shirt and pants for the whole week! 
fact five | I like analogies. Most of my posts are ordinary, everyday experiences that I see reflecting God's love or learn a valuable lesson from.
fact six | I love proof-reading writing. Yes, I am that annoying person who will reply to your text message essay with no, it's 'you're' not 'your'.
fact seven | A hoodie, long pants and thongs* should never be worn together. Are you hot or are you cold?
fact eight | I want to learn sign language, because it would be pretty handy to know.
fact nine | ^ I like puns.
fact ten | I am pathetic at cooking.
fact eleven | I have never washed my own clothing in a washing machine. Actually, I have never washed my own clothing, period.
fact twelve | Clearly, I am going to be a terrible wife.
fact thirteen | 
In Year 8 I invented the haha scale which is a way of measuring how funny a joke is. I obviously rate myself higher than what is deemed as remotely 'lol' worthy. 
fact fourteen |
I don't brush my hair until I have to wash it otherwise, 'fro city.
fact fifteen | Tights do not suffice as going-out pants; unless you wear something long on top.
fact sixteen | PC or Mac? PC.
fact seventeen | Dogs over cats any day!
fact eighteen | I have a collection of stuffed toys on my bed.
fact nineteen | I make lists for everything.
fact twenty | I did my Year 10 Work Experience at the Australian Women's Weekly office. 

* [for any Americans reading this] thongs: a light sandal or flip-flop.

So welcome! :) I hope you enjoy reading my blog and are blessed. I love writing and hope to inspire and encourage people through my stories. Please share my link with your family and friends so you can help me spread positive vibes.

Big hugs and keep smiling. x