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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Flying high.

I was sitting at the park by myself the other day (I have friends, I swear). I was about to open up a book to read but was distracted by a little girl laughing. I watched her as she ran as fast as she could to allow her kite to rise off the ground. Once she had reached top speed the kite started to lift itself into the air. A short time later she began to get tired from running and her run turned into a jog, which quickly converted into a walk then a complete stop. Meanwhile, the kite was losing all its motivation to stay off the grass.

Just before the girl collapsed to the ground exhausted, an older boy, who I assumed was her brother, came to her rescue and collected the kite in his hands. He began running at full speed and with a face full of determination, it was clear that he wasn't giving up anytime soon. The little girl looked at her brother smiling and found the energy to get up and run along behind him. 

If someone was to ask me what I did at the park that day, they probably would think I am a total creep watching children play. All I know is that those kids taught me a lesson. There are things that are challenging me in life at the moment and sometimes it feels like flying my kite is getting tiring and honestly, it is exhausting. Constantly running to keep it in the air can be difficult and just when we lose all momentum and start to fall behind, our kite begins to drop. The best part is that right before we collapse and feel like we will never get back up again, God comes along and picks up the kite in His hands. He holds onto it and never lets go, running full speed and not losing sight of where we need to be.

So if all you get from this is that maybe watching little kids at the park isn't all that weird, that's okay (unless you are a middle-aged man, then that's not okay). The point is, maybe we can learn something from other people and their actions. Trying to keep your kite off the ground gets difficult sometimes, but we need to remember that just before we give up and it falls, God is there to fly our kite for us and He never lets go. We just have to get on our feet again and run with Him, because when it comes to flying kites, He is the expert.

Keep smiling. x

Sunday, April 20, 2014


I just got back from a week away serving the small community of Nyngan. Saying it was amazing would be an understatement. It was life-changing. I was able to strengthen not only my relationship with the kids there and those within the STORMco team, but also with God. There were times during the trip where I felt drained of energy and found it challenging to wake up the next morning with a smile on my face. I found that praying gave me bursts of strength and energy that I didn't know still existed.

A lot goes through your mind when you are travelling on a bus for nine hours. You get a lot of time to stop and think about everything. On our way home on Saturday I was able to reflect on my week away in Nyngan. I realised how much of an impact I made on the children there. Even though all I did was spend two hours a day with them for four days playing tip, throwing a ball, piggy-backing and holding their hand, I had made them happy. One girl asked me if I could stay in Nyngan forever with them and didn't understand why I had to leave. We had been the hands and feet of Jesus through our actions. Through our service we had shown them God's unconditional love that He has for every single one of them. We weren't paid to go over to Nyngan. Instead we gave up our free time during the holidays to go to the middle of nowhere for a week, but seeing the smiles light up their little town was priceless.

Another thing that I realised was that our faith in God is like powerlines. The powerlines stretch out long distances finding a connection where they can reach their power supply. The telegraph poles help the powerlines in reaching the supply and spreading the electricity where it is needed. Our Christian journey and faith in God is similar to this. We are constantly searching for that supply of energy, strength and power that we need to continually grow. God is like the telegraph poles that help us stay off the ground and keep on going. We rely on Him to give us the stability we need in order to maintain positivity and faith in Him.

Once we get to the cross of the telegraph pole, God allows us to continue on our journey, but He is always there supplying us with the strength we need. We have the opportunity to share that with other people wherever we find a need that we can fill. This Easter, I encourage you to remember that God died on the cross for every single one of us, despite what you are going through now or what you have already been through. He loves us no matter what and even through the storms and blackouts we experience in life, He still stands. When we connect together as powerlines and fix ourselves to His never ending supply, we can be the change and light up an entire city.

Keep smiling. x