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Sunday, August 18, 2013

One day

One day I will be done with school,
Graduation, it comes and goes.
I'd go to university and study,
Where that takes me, only God knows.
One day I'm going to work somewhere,
Where I can inspire others through what I write.
I'd love to make a difference,
I want to make things right.
One day I'll move out from home,
I'll say goodbye to my old bedroom.
I'll pack my bag with all my things,
Clothes, pictures, books, perfume.
One day I will have to pay the bills,
Electricity, water and phone.
I'll be out there against the world,
Doing it all on my own.
One day I am going to travel the world,
See everyone and everything.
I will go to Italy, Paris, Brazil,
All the places I've never been.

One day I will get married,
And we could travel the world together.
We would do all we could,
To stay in each other's lives forever.
One day I'm going to know what it's like,
To be in my parent's shoes.
I'll have kids of my own creating chaos,
While I'm trying to watch the news.
One day things won't be so easy,
Because life will always get tough.
I might fall into debt or lose my job,
Then just feel like I've had enough.
One day I'll wish I could rewind the clock,
Back to a younger version of me.
When I considered a hard decision to be,
Whether to have a hot chocolate or tea.
One day I'm going to look back on this,
I'll sit there and I'll say,
"Am I happy with who I've become,
Have I done everything I said I would one day?"
So that's a little something from me.
Keep smiling. x