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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A 'kind' of difference

If I was asked what one thing I would want to change in the world, I would be sitting here all day trying to cut down the list. I would want to find a cure to all diseases and illnesses, eradicate poverty and hunger in third-world countries and find homes and enough money for homeless people so they can enjoy their lives. They are just a few of the many things I would want to change! 
Something that may be a little closer to home for some of us is bullying. Bullying is something that makes me really upset. To be honest, I don’t quite understand why we can’t all get along. I mean, I get the fact that we are all different and unique and sometimes our personalities clash with other people’s, but why do we hate? Why do we get jealous? Why do we talk behind each other’s backs? Because let’s face it, girls are good at doing that! Why do we hurt each other’s feelings? Why do we back stab? 
If only we could live in a world without sin and where we could all just get along! Or at least, not hurt each other; whether that be physically or emotionally. We need to lift each other up, not tear each other down.
Not many people realise how hurtful their words can be. Sometimes we push that one little joke a bit too far. Bullying hurts. Studies show that most bullies pick on other people because they were bullied once upon a time or they are insecure about themselves. As much as we may want to hate these people and tell everyone how mean they are, we shouldn't. It's hard to love your enemies, but there is one way you can show them that you aren't letting what they say get to you and make you upset. Smile. At them. All the time. No, I don't mean stare at them in a creepy way with a massive grin on your face for the whole of Science class! :P I mean, make it obvious that you are happy regardless of their words and actions. They don't like seeing you happy, so smile your little face off! :D 
We can make a difference! Ok, so it might not be finding the cure to cancer, but just by being kind to each other we can spread the love. It isn't hard. Maybe challenge yourself to make a new friend this week? Change begins with you and me. Today. Let's do this! :)

Keep smiling. x